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3 Costs You Might Face When Selling New Haven Real Estate

3 Costs You May Incur When Selling New Haven Real EstateIf you’re planning on buying a piece of New Haven real estate, we already covered your costs here. However, if you’re selling a home you might run into some costs as well. These costs are a little bit less obvious in many cases then with the costs of buying a home.

According to a recent study, the average home owner will spend nearly $19,000 to sell their home. This does in fact include closing costs, but outside of that there are other costs that might sneak up on you as well. When you’re ready to sell your home, it’s good to consult a New Haven REALTOR® who can give you firm costs on a lot of these items, but to give you an idea here are the three you’re most likely to run into:

  • Home preparation costs: The amount you will have to spend here will vary tremendously depending on the condition of your home. If your home is in great shape, you’ll likely be making cosmetic changes that can be relatively inexpensive. If there are structural or mechanical issues that need to be handled, your budget could balloon.
  • Staging: Again this amount will vary depending on the value of your home. One other factor here is if you’re living in your home or not. If your furniture can be used to stage the home, the costs may stay low, if furniture is needed, your budget could balloon.
  • Capital gains taxes: This won’t affect all sellers, but if you make a substantial profit in selling your home, you may need to pony up some cash to pay Uncle Sam.

There are other costs that might pop up when selling your home and our experienced New Haven REALTORS® can help you realize just what those may be.

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