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Meet The Connecticut Technology Council

Innovation is a buzz word around Connecticut these days. Many believe that despite some difficult financial times, if our state can find ways to innovate and foster innovation, it can dig itself out of the hole it is in. One organization that is doing it’s part in this effort is the Connecticut Technology Council (CTC).

The CTC is not a new organization, in fact, it is the oldest business association that services the needs of technology companies and innovators. The organization represents nearly 200,000 employees of 6,000 technology companies throughout the state of Connecticut.

One significant challenge that the CTC has been working on in recent years is the lack of a technology talent pipeline which leaves companies looking for people to hire and no one with the skills to fill the positions that are open. While Connecticut has incredible higher education opportunities for students such as Yale University, after graduation the talent is often lost to New York City or Boston and more and more to Silicon Valley. The CTC is aiming to keep graduates in the state of Connecticut to help fill open jobs.

The problem of the tech talent pipeline is just one of the items that are on the Connecticut Technology Council’s to-do list. In fact, the CTC is focused on the four following areas of improvement for the state:

  • Talent & Workforce
  • Growth and Emerging Companies
  • Technology Professionals
  • Public Policy & Advocacy

The challenge of innovation kicking an economy into high gear may seem like a pretty simple problem to solve, it is anything but easy. Through the work of organizations like the CTC and Origami Innovations, the city of New Haven can lead the way for the state to become the innovation hub that is so desperately seeking to become.

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