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What Will A Piece Of New Haven Real Estate Cost?

Diversity reigns supreme in New haven real estate marketHere we are again with some questions that don’t have a true cut and dry answer, but when you’re considering how much to spend on New Haven real estate, consider that there are multiple property types and neighborhoods with a wide diversity of options to choose from. What you might pay in Westville for instance, may not match up to what you might pay in Wooster Square. The same hold trues for any of the major neighborhoods throughout the city. While many towns and cities across the state of Connecticut may have a pretty straight forward answer to this question, New Haven’s is not so easy.

If you are specific about where you want to live and have an idea of what type of property you’re looking for, we can help you with a quick conversation. Just contact us and we’ll help you get a clear picture of what your desired location and property might cost you.

For now, we can look at some numbers that might be illuminating to you;

  • Median List Price: $219,000
  • Median List Price/Sq Foot: $141
  • Median Home Value: $197,000

These numbers do not tell the whole picture as New Haven is a very diverse real estate market and there is really only one way to understand the price range that you might be looking at and that is to let us help you do a market analysis.

The good news when dealing with the New Haven real estate market is that there is such a diversity in housing that you can find something in your price range, with the style you’re looking for.

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